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    Ce sujet est dédié aux réactions concernant cette actu : Crée ton propre Soundwalk.

    Merci d'utiliser ce post pour publier vos commentaires et vos avis ;)

    The text is read by the narrator of the Soundwalk and guides the listener. It is the most essential part of it. The listener is actually the actor of your text, and that means everything is possible : you can tell people to run, to hop into a particular floor in a building, to stop, sit down, etc... There must be an emotional relation between your text and the place through which you invite us to walk. Remember that it can happen anywhere in the world, suburbs, commercial centers, countryside, touristed places etc... And anytime, day or night. There are many places where things happen at a regular time, you have to play with that too. So take your time and tell us how to discover a particular place in a intimate / crazy / historical / musical / visual / ... / way. Once again, everything is possible, think of it as an old psycho-geographic game or experiment, a kind of beautiful drift within the city.

    Once you have written it, you will finally have to make the tour yourself and at the same time read your text, in order to check the synchronization of the voice and its realism.

    It would be great if you could send us, along with your text, a map of the city / neighborhood, or even a picture of a map, on which you'd indicate the major steps of the tour. Of course, you can illustrate your text with photos, recordings, etc...

    The participants have to experience a Soundwalk first to fully understand how it's written.

    We will produce the best Soundwalk we receive (best script, best concept and best location). That means the winner will be credited as the author of the Soundwalk. Take into consideration that every Soundwalk is listened to by several thousands of people.

    The contest will go from 12 July to 12 October.

    Please send us your files:
    - by mail, myspacesoundwalk(at)gmail(dot)com
    - by Post, at
    c/ Antoine Viviani
    88 bis avenue parmentier
    75011 paris - france
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