Does anyone speak English?

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  1. LaBelleVie

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    Just wondering. I decided to go on this forum to try to improve my French.
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  2. Addie_

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    Nouvelle vie au soleil :)

    Yes, I do.


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    becassine c'est ma copine

    Me 2 !!!!
  4. LilySatine

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    Hey, welcome to the board!

    I hope you won't feel too lost, as you'll find a lot of slang which is more difficult to understand; feel free to ask for anything, I'm sure everyone there will be happy to help you :)
  5. AnonymousUser

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    Ah ben viens improver ton french avec moi ! Je sais très bien parler français :d
  6. Fab

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    Frisette Fondateur de mad
    Membre de l'équipe

    hey LaBelleVie !

    No problem if you want to improve your french, but maybe you could try to write in french, couldn't you ? :]
    Pas de problèmes si tu veux améliorer ton français, mais peut-être que tu pourrais essayer d'écrire en français, non ?

    See ya !

    (de quel pays viens-tu ?)
  7. Isocolie

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    de retour

    I do quite well. Where are you from? (:
  8. Vice-Versa

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    Oh, great! I have to improve my English.

    So, welcome and let's improve French.
  9. Eleen

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    Until the very end.

    Hey LaBelleVie ! I speak english, but I'd like to improve it. But if you want to improve your french, you should maybe write in french ? or maybe you can't ?
  10. Cute-Kiwi

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    Hi, LaBelleVie !

    I do quite very well ! Where are you from, exactely ?
  11. KillaBunny

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    Accrochée a son ordi

    Lucky you,

    I'm a native french speaker and I'm quite fluent in english (I've been studying english for 16 years! I was nine when I first knew how to conjugate "To Be"! laughs).

    Just like the other Madmoizelles, i'd like to where you are from? England (:heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:)? Ireland?(:heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:)The US;)?

    Hope to talk to you soon, sweetheart

  12. HilaryAddict

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    Completement paumée

    Hello LaBelleVie!

    it's good to hear that you are learning french language.
    If you want, I can help you, by private messages or msn.
    Tell me ! it will be a pleasure to help y'a ! ;)

    You're canadian, right ? I love that people !! =)

    Hope we could talk !
    See y'a !