French Women Wanted in London and Paris For Film!

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  1. Charlsee

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    We are looking for french women to be part in a documentary on the 27-28 of August and 4th of September in London and last weekend of September in Paris!

    She's French is a British feature documentary produced by Chalfont productions, about an english women trying to make a film about french women but failing in doing it as she can't dissociate the reality from the myth.

    The Film picks part this disillusion by confronting her view to experiences of french women living in London and Paris.

    We are filming series of workshops, where pairs of french women react to her view.
    We are looking for French women who will challenge these myths. Women who have an opinion about the way they have been portrayed.

    More info here:

    Contact me if you are interested in taking part and share your point of view:
    RadioLu et La femme de Frank ont BigUpé.
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