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    Margaux Palace
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    Je cuisine en pyjama

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  2. princess_cass

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    I Quove U.

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  3. MarieAndyCooper

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  4. SilverSky

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    A particularly hot girl. She is know as a perfect girl, you get attracted by the looks but you stay for her sweetness; above all she's a nice girl who would never let het friends down, always listens and help those who ask for it. She's also is a little touchy, short tempered and she a puts to much trust in people who don't deserve it. the betreyal of het trust makes her sad and fragile.Once you know her wel you never want to let her go.
    Her smile is as bright as the sun, see must be an Amélie
    #sweet#real friend#touchy#fragile#delightfull

    en effet ça fait du bien à l'ego :yawn::yawn:
    même si le hot girl, wtf :oo:
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  5. Servoone

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    a smelly or hairy dwarf or a piece of french excriment
    Man, i just took a major servane, i wouldnt go in their
    My favorite part of the freak show was the family of servanes

    Voilà voilà... je sais pas comment je dois le prendre...XD ça marche pas à tous les coups hein! Allez on va dire que je suis une licorne :unicorn: 8)
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  6. Arcadia

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    Pas eu le courage d'aller jusqu'au bout des je-ne-sais-combien de pages, mais ça peut presque coller : timide au début, fidèle et dévouée, essaie et se passionne pour tout, humour (si on compte sarcasme ironie et auto-dérision, je suis suréquipée) etc....à part le côté description d'un physique superbe.... m'enfin on sait jamais, je pourrais plaire à un Troll, après tout faut pas se moquer des goûts bizarres des trolls !
    je ne sais plus si c'est la définition 16 ou avant, mais j'aime bien quand on dit que gentille toute gentille très gentille, mais faut pas non plus pousser le bouchon trop loin Maurice : c'est vrai. Je suis un gros chamallow. Mais j'ai une pelle dans mon coffre et je sais faire disparaître un corps mwahaha
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  7. Nock

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    C'est juste génial !
    Ce contenu n'est visible que par les membres validés. Rejoins-nous ou connecte-toi !
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  8. Esilée

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    Haha, ce pavé !

    A beautiful, hilarious, kind girl. She's a little clueless and clumsy at times, but she's actually really smart. Has a lot of guy friends and feels very comfortable around guys. She's very deep and has a past that she likes to keep a secret. If Elise tells you one of her biggest secrets, she must REALLY trust you. Sometimes has trust issues and has a hard time letting people in when she feels like they will hurt her. Wants nothing but loyalty in a man and is the type of girl who will change you for the best. Gives the best hugs and loves receiving them. She's the type to have a best friend, a few scattered friends, and a clique. She's the one you want to call when you're upset or just need to get something off your chest. Always ends up being the hot girl at class reunions and makes her ex boyfriends regret ever leaving her. Has an expensive fashion taste. Often ends up more successful than her friends. Always dates boys with names like Matthew, Tyler, Ryan, and Dylan. (pretty scary)

    Extremely good kisser. (Always finds a way to leave u breathless (; ) A natural at anything sexual. Always stays classy, though. The type of woman you want to marry. Gives great fashion, love, and any type of advice. Don't try to deny your feelings for her, give it up man. She'll be there for you at your best and worst. She is so clueless sometimes, it's hilarious. She has a great sense of humor and she will always be honest with you. She's a keeper.
    Dylan: Elise is so gorgeous!
    Matt: dude I know I feel like she's so easy to talk to
    Ryan: Man I'd like to get to know her better
    Tyler: wow
    Jacob: you guys are crazy about that girl. Is her name Elise?
    Matt: yeah
    Jacob: oh yeah, she's definitely your type.
    #elise#happy#name#booty#entertaining#honesty#smile#trustworthy#gorgeous#beautiful#the one
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  9. Loowa

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    Is a sweet and wonderfull Girl, dedicated and talented. When she overcomes her shyness she can achive great things.
    She's a good friend and an even better Partner, if you manage to get that far that is. A Léa is a cute and pretty girl who is perfectly suited to having geeky boyfriends as she not only accepts those weird outbreaks of nerdism but also shares some of those interests. Leas have been discovered to have one of the most captivating smiles of all Female humanoid lifeforms and are also known to make their prey willingless using their puppy eyes.
    "To pull a Léa" - to get whatever you want from men for being cute.

    "she's a total Léa" - descriptive for cute, horizontally challanged girls.
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  10. Madz-Nana

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    Gryffon ascendant Poufsouffle :hufflepuf:

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  11. lafeemandarine

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    Y'en a pour trois pages...

    J'ai pas trouvé le mien (merci maman de m'avoir donné un prénom bizarre :dunno:).

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  12. Juub

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    Ce contenu n'est visible que par les membres validés. Rejoins-nous ou connecte-toi !

    C'est toujours sympa après une journée bien nulle, c'est même une trouvaille plutôt rigolote!
    (Maintenant, c'est l'heure d'essayer avec tous les noms des gens que je connais) :lunette:
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