Wake The F**K Up : le spot de soutien à Obama de Samuel L. Jackson

Sujet dans 'Réactions aux articles' lancé par Jack Parker, le 28 septembre 2012.

  1. Jack Parker

    Jack Parker
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    Génie incompris

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  2. Lilizelle

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    Damn I love this guy!!!:d We should do the same in our country. Wake the fuck up for fucking sake!!
  3. Rocky ducky

    Rocky ducky
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    When there is no way: make one.

    Brilliant :d Thanks for sharing Jack Parker, that was fucking amazing. It's funny and a wee bit emotional especially at then end when she shouts through her opened window... Just hoping Obama will get through this campaign again. All right people, wake the fuck up!!!
  4. Miss Jungle

    Miss Jungle
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    Punaiiiiiise, ca me fait tellement chier de rien piger, ça a l'air trop bien !
    Il craint mon anglais tout pourri.