madmoiZelle speaks English : atelier débat

@Laetare I've got Melancholia in my hard drive since few monts but I have no motivation. Every year, I think " This year, I'll watch 30 movies " but I'm not able to keep this promise. Watching movies is a chore for me ! I'm maybe s&m ! :rire:

@Patriarcaca The big problem with tv shows are this mean cliffhangers ! :stare: I'm agree with that. But I' like one shot ! Of course, I love Harry Potter's books but I'm pretty disappointed when I learn about a possible continuation. As when I learnt that The Hobbit movie was going in three parts : it's so ridiculous ! I've the impression to be considered as a bank or something like that :sweatdrop: . So, I think I'll never be a fan of cinema. :nod:
@Laetare "stand-alone" ! that's the word I have been looking for for hours, thanks :)

@Peachcalibur Yeah, cliffhangers are the worst, especially between two seasons when you have to wait for more than a year (Yes, Sherlock, I'm looking at you)
I would be so happy if Harry Potter and another movie or book :puppyeyes: I just love knowing what "officially" came before or comes after. Some people might say it is because we lack imagination and creativity. I hate when I finish a book or a movie and it's like, not a real end. My parents love it because they can imagine whatever they want, but I need to know what happened for God's sake !
But in the other hand, there is this all "fan-fiction" trend. Readers and spectators are never pleased with the end of their favourite show/book/movie and spend hours and hours writing about how it should have ended, what happened before, or enven rewrite entire parts of it.

As for the movies in 3/4 parts, I think they do it because the public likes it this way. Is it the egg or the (not chicken 'cause they don't lay eggs but whatever) but somehow, yes they found an easy way to make money. I would say I like it, like, for the Huger Games, knowing that I still have one movie before being depressed (:goth:) is kinda positiv. It becomes a problem when you see that they just do it for the money (2nd et 3rd part of Twilight I'm looking at you) but well, at least the pleasure lasts more (Yes I had a Twilight period, don't judge)
Actually, I hate Harry Potter's movies (no, I hate David Yates :vabosser:). I'm afraid because books are so perfect...I dont want to be sad or disappointed by a bad book. I remind mysel when I finished the last book of Harry Potter, I was like " What I gonna do with my life now ? " :yawn: Really, I was sooo sad !
I dont' like tv shows wich are cancelled without a end too. Or worst, cancelled tv shows with a bad end written fast (and bad) !
Currently, I watch the last season of Sons of Anarchy and I don't motivate myself. Now, I'm up to late but last week, I had 3 or 4 episodes late. I love this show but it's the finale season so it's like a breakup for me. I prolong the pleasure !
Helloh mah hunnies ! (Welsh accent, sorry for thaaaat.)

Should try to pop by in here from time to time, as I miss speaking English everyday so much.
It's lucky I'm a foreign languages students. But still, feels like 8 hours a week -not to mention the gazillions hours of films and music I can submerge myself in-, well 8 hours still doesn't feel right enough !

Did you know about "Right this moment ?" That's like ECM, but in English. You girls should really bring this topic back to life as well :d

See yah dudes !
I'm probably the only person on Earth who understand English but not speak it.
So my participation in this topic ends here , I 'm going to ask "Google Translation" to marry me.

Love, peace and other good things you want.
The 12/12 I will take a written english test. If I pass, I will have access to a special preparation organized by my university for free to be prepared for all the journalism entry exam I'm interested in.

Such a short time and so much to learn, I'm lost.... So every day I will wrote a little bit in English here to train myself ><
Hi everybody !
The topic is so cool :puppyeyes:
Good luck @Mircea Austen I'm sure you will succeed ! Try to read in english as well, it helps a lot, like True Tales Of American Life by Paul Auster. I'm reading a few short stories each evening and it is really funny :)
Hi everybody !
The topic is so cool :puppyeyes:
Good luck @Mircea Austen I'm sure you will succeed ! Try to read in english as well, it helps a lot, like True Tales Of American Life by Paul Auster. I'm reading a few short stories each evening and it is really funny :)
I have already read 500 fucking pages in english for my studies the last month, "The eurocentric conception of world policy" so I have read enough english for all my life I suppose... XD
But you're right in fact, because political sciences in english are always written in present, with not so much or complicated vocabulary, so if I really want to make a progress, I have to read my "The old man and the sea", which is wanting for me since 5 month at least XD
This topic seems nice, although I've always loved English and had good grades, I am not too comfortable writing and talking in English. This year I don't take English classes but I keep on reading articles, watching movies and tv shows in English. My understanding of English gets better but I feel like I'm struggling a lot more to write this post :shifty:

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